10 Things You Must Never Do In Saudi Arabia (Number 6 & 8 Will Shock You)

10 Things You Must Never Do In Saudi Arabia (Number 6 & 8 Will Shock You)

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in Asia, it’s an Islamic culture-dominated nation. Officially, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country on the Arabian peninsula in western Asia.

The country’s law is largely based on Islamic laws, and there are several restrictions you have to be aware of before visiting the Asian state. As per the facts channel report, below are ten of the things that you should never do in Saudis Arabia.

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1 Drinking Of Alcoholic Beverages

One of the first things you will have to abide by while traveling to Saudi Arabia is avoiding liquor. Being a country that strictly follows the doctrines of Islam, the sale and consumption of intoxicating drinks are forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

If you are caught drinking or drunk, you may undergo beating (lashes), huge fines, imprisonment, or deportation. So, it is advised not to have a drink even on the plane when you’re traveling to this country.

2. Eating Pork (Pig meat)

As Islam prohibits the consumption of pork, Saudi Arabia strictly abides by this law. So, do not expect to gorge on a full English breakfast with sausages and bacon or a ham sandwich when in this country.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, you won’t be allowed to eat pork and generally, only ‘Halal’ foods are available in the country. Even anything that contains pork flavor like chips and other snacks can not be eaten.

3. Adult Content

Having adult/explicit content on your phone, tablet, computer or any electronic device could land you into severe trouble. The government of the country has blocked all porn websites in order not to allow its citizens to have access to such content.

So, if you are sharing adult content in form of videos or pictures, there is a great chance that you will get into trouble.

4. Public Display Of Affection

If you want to get romantic and cozy with your lover in public, think twice when you’re in Saudi Arabia.

Any public display of affection is looked down upon in the country. Tourists who display love publicly can be fined under the public decency code of Saudi Arabia and the maximum fine is almost $800.

5. Socializing

Well, it’s not all forms of socializing that are disallowed in Saudi Arabia. However, the intermingling of men and women at shopping malls and restaurants is not accepted in the country. Unless they are your family members, socializing with the opposite gender is not allowed.

Generally, men and women used to be separated in social places, however, the stringency was softened in 2019. While tourists may be excluded from this rule, it is betting to be aware of the social situation of the country.

6. Photography

Cheerful men photographer is taking pictures with dslr camera

While photography is not prohibited in itself, it is strictly regulated. Firstly, photography in Saudi Arabia without their consent or permission is against the law of the country. The fine can go up to $266.

Also, photographing government buildings, properties, military institutions, and palaces is not allowed. This is highly prohibited for national security reasons.

7. Wearing Shorts

As per Saudi Arabia’s decency laws, men and women were instructed not to wear shorts and to dress decently.

While the rules and laws are not so strict for children, young adults and older people are expected to follow the norms.

Saudi Arabia is moving towards a relaxed dress code but foreigners, especially women, have to be very careful with the way they dress in the country. Women can not wear shorts unless they are covered by a robe.

8. Playing Loud Music In Public

Over the years, Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow playing music in public at all but with more liberal norms introduced in the public, music can be heard in public in the country. However, playing loud music in public can land you in serious trouble.

This rule has to be especially observed during each of the 20-minute prayer times that happens 5 times daily.

9. Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day which is usually celebrated every year on the 14th of February is seen as an occasion meant for Christians.

So, Valentine’s day has never been permitted in Saudi Arabia and was prohibited in 2008. In 2018, the authorities lessened the restrictions and the Saudis celebrated the day. For the first time, stores in the country displayed little red tokens of love for those willing to celebrate.

10. Dabbing

The viral dance called “Dabbing” became popular across the globe in 2017. However, you can’t flaunt it when you are in Saudi Arabia.

The country’s ministry of national commission disallowed people from flaunting the move due to its association with substance culture. The decision was taken after a Saudi tv anchor was caught on camera dabbing at a music festival in Taif.


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