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3 Lessons Dancers Learnt From The Breakdance Crew Regional Finals


3 Lessons Dancers Learnt From The Breakdance Crew Regional Finals
3 Lessons Dancers Learnt From The Breakdance Crew Regional Finals

The 10th Episode of the biggest dancer show in Nigeria, Glo Battle of the Year featured the regional finals of Breakdance Crews from across the six regions. This episode was a follow-up to episode 9 (the Dance Crew Semi-Finals) where crews battled to secure their slot in the national finals.

The Breakdance crew regional finals kicked off with a bang; the stage was hot as each crew brought their A-game. Along the line, the atmosphere in each region was split into two as Dance Crews were either joyful or disappointed; for, in the end, there can only be one winner. In reviewing the battles, here are three lessons the crew learned from the Breakdance Crew Finals:

Size doesn’t matter neither does it equate to quality moves: As the battle kicked off in Kaduna, one thing that was noticeable was how one crew dominated the stage in numbers leaving one to think that the latter was at a disadvantage. But viewers were shocked when the 3PLE DK dance crew (made up of 6 members) lost to the trio of Funky Fellas dance crew. This was underlined when award-winning dancer and judge, JC Jedor (a judge) said, the 3PLE DK dance crew lost to the Funky Fellas crew because they ‘underestimated their numbers’ and unfortunately didn’t perform as well as in the competition.

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Resilience and luck are good but Experience is key: Another highlight of episode 10 was the Benin Breakdance Crew Finals where fist timers, Delta All-Stars lost to the Foot Loops Dance crew. Delta All-Stars started strong and hard but unfortunately couldn’t keep up the momentum to impress the judges. And so, the FootLoops Dance crew, as veterans in the competition, showed them the degree and endurance it takes to be in Nigeria’s biggest dance show.

Everybody wants to be a champion, but champions have a legacy: Like 619 dance crew, champions have a legacy to protect and many will give their all to protect it. This was the conversation at the Lagos region of the Breakdance Crew Finals, as the 619 crew went head-on with Space Unlimited. The battle was intense; however, what determined the champion was the hunger to win. 619 dance crew battled as though their lives depended on it, and that factor and their fighting spirit were more than enough as the judges crowned them Lagos champions.

Finally, Davido, Olamide, PSquare, Simi, and Teni will be joining the lucky regional finalists for two nights of unlimited entertainment on April 23 and 30 in Lagos. The national final events will also feature comedians, Bovi, Basketmouth, and Gordons amongst others.


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