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A Popular Pastor Exposes Osinbajo, Reveals What Will Happen To Tinubu Soon!

A famous In Nigeria known as Paul Okikijesu (Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry), has requested that Nigerians should pray for God to forgive professor Yemi , the Vice President of Nigeria, for the numerous sins he has committed.

” Thus says the Lord, People should pray for , because he has committed many mistakes and sins that are not hidden from I the Lord, ” he said.

The cleric also reveal that the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, might forfeit control of Lagos due to many people looking for his downfall.

The cleric stated that some people from the South West conspired with some Northerners to remove by impeachment in order to terminate the second citizen’ s political career.

” Thus says the Lord of hosts: Some saboteurs who connived with Hausa because of their selfish interests and corrupt attitudes, intend to impeach in order to ruin his political career, ” he added

The man of God cautioned that the previous leaders of this country creating problems would receive their divine retribution starting from April this year.

” Those who put Nigeria in pitch darkness will be punished and disgraced, says the Lord God of hosts, ” he warned.

” Thus says the Lord: Bola Tinubu may lose the control of Lagos. People are investigating and seeking the downfall of Tinubu.

” Thus says the Lord: People are investigating him, and they are seeking his downfall. The people that are jointly controlling the government together said, ‘ Instead of him to climb the ladder, we will pull him from the ladder. ”

Apostle Okikijesu is famous cleric known for his vehement criticisms of ill governance in the country.

He recently claimed that God revealed to him that five Nigerian Governors would have their governments destabilized by some people.

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