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Angry customer shows off the wig a vendor sold to her for N90k


An angry customer identified as Anita has called out a hair vendor for allegedly threatening to arrest her, after sending a scanty wig to her for N90,000.

Sharing her experience with the vendor via Twitter, she wrote,

“I know this is a long read but please be patient enough to go through this so that you won’t be a victim to this vendor like I was.😔😔😔

On the 25th of March , I made a very bad business decision by hitting up Edidiong ukoyen (e_e luxury hairs and more)

In the quest to patronize her, I was directed to her by a friend who has actually bought hairs from her in the past.


On the 26th, I made payments but was indecisive concerning the hairs I was going to buy. I was to buy two hairs which was, one curly closure hair (for my mom) and a frontal blunt cut shoulder length for mine. At the end of the day, I took a neck length frontal sdd bone bone straight with the curly closure hair for my mom.

I asked her when I should be expecting the hairs and she claimed it would take a week to get to me which I agreed to.

At the end of the transaction I made payment of 138 thousand which included wigging and waybill for the both hairs.

What was supposed to be a week turned into one full blown month with me begging this lady like I was buying her goods on credit

She cajoled me, ridiculed me and insulted me. She picked my calls and responded to my messages at will.


A hair I was supposed to receive a week after payment was yet to be ready as at 7th of April…

On the 12th of April, I asked for a refund, she blatantly told me she had no money for refund that I should wait for my hair.
P.s this was said on the call.

On the 19th of April, this hair came in but with anther story. At first when I got the hair, I felt indifferent about the hair but I concluded maybe it was because I hadn’t fixed and styled and that was why it was that way. But she called my notice to it

Which I thanked her and pleaded with her to send mine the next day so that I will send back the inferior one she sent me, she agreed. P. S , she said she stays in Abuja.

But later in the evening of the same day when I made inquiry about the whereabouts of my hair which she claimed was with her , she started telling me that she was in taraba , I cried till I couldn’t cry anymore. Begged her like my life depended on her. All she kept saying was that I was assuming her location and now telling her about herself when I insisted she was in Abuja and not in taraba.


I suggested that my friend who is in Abuja to come pick it up from her which she refused to release her address. P/S; I had an event on the 27th of April to attend with this particular hair but it never came through. After going back and forth for complete one extra week for this hair, she said she had arrived abj and that my hair will be sent out.

The next day I asked about this hair, she said her machine spoilt and I asked her to send me the bundles that I will wig them my self when they get to me .
P/S ; I had asked her before that if this particular hair wasn’t available, That she should let me know that I don’t mind picking another one just to end the case but she insisted it was available.

(Back to the main story)After I asked her to send me the hair bundles, but she me said she wigged it just to make me happy all of a sudden And that she had already sent the hairs out( I asked her to use GIG courier service)

She agreed to make use of the courier service but ended up using a random bus company that was far from my location. People who knows onitsha( that’s why I stay) knows how dangerous upper iweka is not to talk of ekenedilichukwu park that is at under flyover.

I asked her to send me the drivers number , it was another long story and emotional strain. After a month plus , this hair finally got to me today after all the stress and I was really happy but I didn’t know I was in for another roller coaster.


P/s I agreed that I will pay to waybill the inferior hair she first sent to me. But after treating me the way she did , I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to pay which she laughed to and said she will pay for it however I chose to send it to her. And we agreed on sending hers back tomorrow.

Only for me to come home and check the hair I received today and to my greatest shock , this lady didn’t use my whole bundle to wig this hair and instead of machine , she used needle and tread to wig a hair of 90k Kindly go through that video to see what she sold to me for 90k with insults .

At first I wanted her to refund me 20k but after talking to my family , they said I should ask for a full refund and send the two hairs back .She ignored my whole message concerning this particular issue until the person who directed me to her chatted her up, that was when she replied to my messages, calling me all sorts of names which I returned back. The only solution she brought up was me retuning The 3 hairs and wait for a refund ( she has always taken me for a fool)”


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