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Annie Idibia reacts days after being dragged by elder brother, Wisdom


Annie Idibia Wisdom macaulay

Notable actress, Annie Idibia has taken to social media to address people with dark, envious and evil hearts who yearns for negative news about an individual.

Annie Idibia Wisdom macaulay

This comes days after the actress was dragged to filth by her eldest brother, Wisdom Macaulay who accused her of being a drug addict and exhibiting cruelty towards him and his family.

However, after a series of online dramas, Wisdom apologized and retracted his initial statements.

Taking to her Instagram story, the wife of 2baba reposted a clip of the American ultramarathon runner, public speaker and author, David Goggins, where he said thus:

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“A good human being, a fulfilled human being doesn’t need to break anyone down. All they do is want to build you up. So, anybody, you meet that calls you out of your name, that bullies, that messes you up, that makes you feel not lifted, they are dealing with something deep-rooted”

Accompanying it with her own caption, she wrote:

“Some families, some partners…staff!!! Live and let’s live. Go on with your perfect lives. So easy and exciting to believe the worst about a person. But your dark, envious, evil hearts won’t let you believe the good news or when they did things to make you happy and comfy in their space. U hate so deep u forget how to love your own. Sad…when they were there for you. #onMyLane”

See the post below:


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