Are They Preparing For War? Look At The Terrible Weapons Seen With Fulani Herdsmen

There are signs that some herdsmen are preparing to battle the Southerners and the other tribes of Nigeria, because there has been some evidence of the allegations.

There have been multiple attack in Nigeria from recent times that have been attributed to the Fulani herders, an example being the reprisal attack in the community of Egga, a place in Ogun state where Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba activist, recently visited to drive away Fulani people because of their horrible threats in the region.

in Ibarapa region of Oyo state, a certain Fulani leader called Wakil has been put under surveillance for guilty crimes.

A innocent man was stab to death some days ago at Ketu, a place in Ogun state. The same things happened at Igbogila and Egga, these places are all Ogun state, and these killings are happening because of Sunday Igboho’ s actions trying to resist the threats of the Fulani herders.

Me as a Nigerian, i love enunciating peace and harmony, but the opposite is the case on the side of these Fulani people.

The video am about to show you people is how the Fulanis are preparing for war. The video has gone viral on all social media page.

According to the governor of the Kaduna state, El Rufai, he stated that a Fulani man with his cattle business could hardly get a hundred thousand a year, so how did they get money to buy all this kind of dangerous weapons?

The Fulanis have recently been accused of having too many connections to different crimes in Yorubaland and in Nigeria, that is why majority of people in Nigeria are opposing them everywhere.

Supposing this Fulani people had changed their evil mind, all claims against them could have been trashed, but many of them grew worse in crime.

According to President Muhammad Buhari, he revealed that all these Fulani are not from Nigeria, so why can’ t we find where they come from, Nigeria is our country, we should not open our eyes until some criminals ruined it.

I call upon the federal government at this stage to please rise and ensure that these evil people are caught, because if they unleash terror with all those weapons they have, majority of things will be destroy.

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