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Before NCC Blocks Your SIM CARD, Dail This Code To Verify Your National Identity Number.

It very important that are fully aware of in the Country. As the has given a special directive to all Nigerians Using Sim Cards. Which must be strictly adhered to by all Nigerians. As it begins today and runs till the end of the Month.

might be wondering what is saying to all SIM Cards users that I am not aware of. As gathered the in conjunction with the Communication Industry, has beckoned on all Nigerians Using any kind of SIM cards be it glo, Airtel, MTN or any other Sim Cards to be very sure that their Sim Cards are registered with NATIONAL IDENTITY NUMBERS (NIM) Commission.

Any Sim that is not registered with NIM will no longer be recognized, and will be blocked from 30th December. Don’t keep this information to yourself, tell your loved ones, family members and friends with immediate effect.

Locate the nearest NIM commission office, closest to and register Sim Card. But if feel have gotten National Identity Numbers as the place might be overcrowded. Before NCC block your sim Card Here is a code to dail and verify your identity. If you have already registered but seem to have forgotten.

Dail the code *346#. Here is a photo that will tell all need to know.

Why exactly do the want our National Identity Numbers? It will help to update SIM Registration Records and track security issues. Do have any other opinion?.

Kindly share below in the comments section.

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