BREAKING: Nigerians In London Gained Entrance Into The Hospital Where Buhari Is Reportedly Taking Treatment

President is in London where he’s receiving treatment to further strengthen his status. Nigerians have criticised for leaving the country at this point of internal crisis. The state of Insecurity is really poor and just continue to wonder why the government doesn’t want it.

I guess Nigerians need to stop criticising the president for travelling to London for medical treatment. It’s clear that the president has been going on this annual trip for years now. There’s no necessity requiring Nigerians to criticise the at this point.

Are people frustrated about the recent situation of things in the Country? I guess that’s just what’s happening. Two days after went for his medical treatment, Resident Doctors in the country embarked on a strike. The question now is: why would our president travel to get medical treatment when he knows Resident Doctors are on the verge of a strike?

Nigerians in Diaspora have vowed to carry out a tomorrow at the hospital where is reportedly taking treatment. Nigerians have urged their fellow Patriots in the Diaspora to ensure is sent back home after the treatment.

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