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Chat and voice note evidence surface as Ashmusy gets dragged over alleged scam


Ashmusy scam surgery followers
Ashmusy scam surgery followers

Popular skit maker, Amarachi Amusi better known as Ashmusy is currently being dragged on social media for allegedly scamming her followers. Ashmusy scam surgery followers

Gistlovers who initiated the media brouhaha accused Ashmusy of deceiving people by advertising body enhancement products while in the real sense she underwent surgery to get her admirable shape.

The controversial blogger went on to share some chats with the content creator where she admitted to having undergone surgery for her influencing business.

Calling out Ashmusy, Gistlovers wrote:

“Hello tueh tueh, So I was just sitting jeje on my own then I started getting lots of dm saying gistlover I thought you said this ashmusy did her yansh, she is denying ooo yen yen yen, fiam I go her page go see her story and truly she Dey deny, I was so livid at the level of deception, stop deceiving people , stop it, she come Dey shade my papa join say her d€ad page Dey gimme conten😂😂😂😂, This same girl I pity make them no drag her mama, information got to Amebo headquarters say she do yansh, I enter her dm to confirm and warn her, say why she go Dey deceive people, you Dey influence for body enhancement people with surgery yansh, you are deceiving the general public into buying what you didn’t use, I told her I was going to cast her Thai girl was begging in the Dm and what made me leave her was the statement she made that she no wan do ashawo and she want to gather small money to take care of her mum, say them be poor people 😂😂😂so I warned her to do her yansh in peace and not deceive anybody by advertising any yeye enhancement and not to deny say she do yansh, she agreed and I let her be, fast forward to some months later my page was disabled by Instagram so Yeye girl Ashmusy thought since the page don comot I no go get screenshot of our chat again 😂😂😂 so she go her page begin deceive people again, I knew a day like this will come so I don help her keep all her messages ,she no go believe am😂😂😂 the mama wey I pity sef I no know say Na Us£less mama shading another person pikin (angel) as b@d girl whereas her own pikin Na number one th!£f, receipt go soon drop . I Dey come”

“This drives at just one thing , Believe all these influencers at your own risk, they can sell what can kee you to you, their own Na make money Dey enter, boycottt anything you see on Ashmusy page, she is not genuine, I don kuku talk am tire, patronize all these influencer oran, influencer isonu at your own risk, I told her to refund those yansh people then say she can’t be deceiving people, she said she don’t have money for refund.see her lying confidently now, person wey i pity because she say her mama Dey hungry for house, her papa sick, you gather peoples money from deceit left and right join am to the one you took from your numerous sugar daddies take am buy house come Dey pepper who ??? An why you wait make Instagram disable my page before you unveil that your house. Omo ale😂😂she don target time wey I no go Dey online, even Ada Jesus abi Na Ada Satan, the day wey mumu instablog write say influencer gift herself a car with hard earned money I just shake head, Na instablog Dey help una l!e or give una yeye fame, Ada wey be say the guy wey buy am that motor for Cyprus and him friends Dey laugh instablog that day wey the instamumu post the thing, you keep putting out false narrative out theft just to put tension for legit workers body, Eniikure, una don m£nt, Ogun kee any l!e l!e influencer. I come in peace.”

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