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Domestic violence: “My father used wooden plank with nails to beat my mother” – Twitter user shares


Twitter father mother beat

Twitter user identified as @jayritse has narrated the horrible treatment his/her mother received from his/her father who was an elder in the church. Twitter father mother beat

It is understandable that stories like such are emanating due to the death of the gospel artiste, Osinachi Nwachukwu whose death was allegedly a result of domestic violence perpetrated by her husband.

The bird app user revealed that he/she is yet to shed tears over the death of his/her father due to the way he manhandled his/her mother.

The tweet reads:

“My father was an elder in the church a proper elder, that was at church. At home, he was a wife beater…
He once beat my mom with a wooden plank….with nails, tore her arm too, with blood and all.
He died 9 years ago.
I still haven’t cried.

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Thanks everyone, she left him before he passed on thank God. She’s thriving now 🙏🏾”

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