Don’t Let Them Hack Your Bank Account, Here Is the New Hacking Method EXPOSED – Read Very Fast

Don’t Let Them Hack Your , Here Is the New Hacking Method EXPOSED – Read Very Fast.

Scam alert, this is the new way internet fraudsters and yahoo boys operate here in Nigeria, so make sure to read this short story to the end. It was sent in by one of our users on how he was almost hacked.

After reading please ensure to share with friends and family.

Good day, all, please admin I want to share this short story with everyone, who knows someone here might be the next victim.

It all started in the morning when someone called me with this phone number 070607145** telling me he was doing some registration online and he mistakenly put my number on what he was registering, that my number is similar to his number and that the password of what he was registering was sent to my phone which I actually saw as 6310.

He was now appealing to me to give him the reset code that was sent to my phone so that he could finish his registration. I told him to call me with the number he claimed was similar to mine so that I could verify his claim, he told me he didn’t have credit in that line.

I immediately went online to find out more, only to discover that he was actually trying to reset my bank online/yahoo mail password and that he was a fraudster, an account hacker, and also a 419er.

If I had given him the code which was sent to my phone, he would have used it to reset my bank online/mobile app account.

Please let us be careful and vigilant.

Fraudsters are devising new ways every day.

This is a new way these fraudsters operate, and I hope someone finds this useful.

Anonymous poster.

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