End time!!! Jonathan, Joe Biden, Nnamdi Kanu, Obama, And Donald Trump did In Jerusalem

Any Government that recognizes and work in line with the knowledge and fear of God will always be successful. The Holy Bible as clearly said the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. For those who seek God with all their hearts and recognize him in their administration will always have new and innovative way of doing things.

The of in as often received top and powerful leaders around the who come to the to pray to God Almighty for directions as they lead the people of their countries.

Many past and present presidents of different countries of the have paid visits to the country of because it is that God is truly with .

Can a nation like stand if truly God wasn’t with them? A nation that has no land of their own, but was instructed by God to Go posses the land that flows with milk and honey.

The land truly is , hence the reason why many people of different religions visit the land while many Christians go into the country to pray to God Almighty to answer their prayers.

Many past and present leaders have been seen in praying to God Almighty. This is a clear sign that humans cannot do things on their own without the support of the Supreme One – God.