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How to do the silhouette challenge on TikTok – easy trick to complete viral trend

AVID users will have noticed something called the ‘ Challenge’ has gone viral on the app.

challenges vary in degrees of difficulty but luckily this one is fairly easy once you know how.

How do you do the Challenge on ?
The Challenge is usually someone posing in front of a doorway and then suddenly turning into a when the lights go off.

This normally happens to the sound of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka.

Lots of people use Doja Cat’s song “Freak like Me” in which she sample’s Anka’s song from the 1950s.

There’s a few Challenge explainer videos on the app but one of the best is from a user called @nurseswilling.

Their video explains how you can find a Snapchat filter called “vin rouge” that helps you create a colourful look without the need for special lighting.

In the video @nurseswilling explains that you open Snapchat, go to filters and then click Explore.

Then search for “vin rouge”.

Then prop your phone ready to film, turn off the lights in your room but leave a open to the hallway and make sure the hallway lights are on.

You should see on screen that this creates a silhouette look.

That means you can then perform your or whatever style of you were hoping to make in this silhouette form.

If you search for the on TikTok you’ll see lots of examples
If you search for the on TikTok you’ll see lots of examplesCredit: TikTok
If you’re created a sudden contrast from normal pose to silhouette then you’ll need to film the clips separately as one will need the filter and one won’t.

Then just edit them together.

Of course, this does mean you’d be filming the video outside of the TikTok app.

Then you’ll need to upload it to TikTok once done.

You could always the same steps but without a snapchat filter and put a coloured light in your hallway.

Or, you could follow Chloe Bailey’s example and ignore the open and light hallway trick altogether.

The US singer has one of the most famous videos and for it she just set very low mood lighting in her room to create the shadow effect

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