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Lady narrates how a girl landed in jail after helping ex boyfriend pick up a parcel


A lady identified as PuffyPearl on Twitter has narrated how a young girl landed in jail after helping her ex boyfriend to pick up a parcel.

PuffyPearl revealed that the lady picked the parcel not knowing that the content of the parcel was drugs.

Pearl tweeted,

“This girl just relocated, her ex finding out she’s now in his city, came begging, asking to see her. He proposed they sit somewhere and talk. Asked her help him get top up in a store nearby and help collect a parcel there for him. Parcel was drugs and she’s now in jail.

He set her up 💔 he used her a picker and left her there. She don’t know where he stays, his friends and any info about him in the abroad except the number he called with that day which is no longer available. I feel so bad man!”



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