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Lady narrates how her friend escaped being used by her boyfriend for rituals


A lady identified as Princess has taken to Twitter to narrate how her friend escaped being used by her boyfriend for money rituals.

According to Princess, her friend visited her boyfriend outside Lagos, and on getting there, he offered her food which was laced with sleeping pills.

Lucky her, his girlfriend’s instinct made her skeptical about eating the food, so she decided to swap her meal with her boyfriend’s meal, and he ended up sleeping.

While he slept, she decided to look around his house and found two nylon bags which contained soap, dollar bill, red cloth and more.

Princess narrated,


“My friend just came to my house and is telling me how she went to visit her boyfriend and he almost used her for ritual. Omooooooooooooooo people are heartless…. I’m in shock.

On Monday she went to visit him outside Lagos only to tell me he tried to use her for ritual.

They went out to hang yesterday (she called me video call around that time). They got to the location and he left her there for an hour told her he was coming soon so she waited.

He came back with food for both of them. He kept pressuring her to eat which was weird because he has never done that before. Her instinct told her to swap the food and she did. Apparently he put sleeping pills in the food because he fell asleep almost immediately he finished eating.

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She decided to look around because he came back with two nylon bags. The first one had the food and the second one had the items for the ritual. Black soap made with torn dollar bill, d*capitated cock head, small coffin with red cloth in it.

She couldn’t escape because he locked the door and hid the key so she had to pretend she didn’t notice anything. When he finally woke up, he refused to talk to her. He left the house angrily and she carried her things and ran.

He texted her few minutes later to ask Where she was because he got home and didn’t see her. She said she read and didn’t reply… next thing he blocked her everywhere!!! I’m just glad she was able to escape because it would have been a different story entirely!”


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