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Statements Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti declared prior to this match: “It’s difficult to say, but the players are used to it every day. The fact of recovering from one day to the next the players are used to it and there is no problem, unless there are injuries. I don’t think we are going to be able to take advantage of this.”

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“The team in the defensive phase if you don’t have a compact team you are going to suffer. The defensive aspect tomorrow has an important part of the match. Then there are moments when City will have the ball and you can’t just watch what you’re doing; and when you win the ball you have to take advantage of the qualities we have. There are not many secrets.

“I remember what was said. It was what the press and the public thought. There are two teams in the semifinals that nobody thought could make it, one Villarreal and the other us, over teams that were favorites like PSG or City.”



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