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Man moves out of his home after catching his wife of 30 years cheating with her high school boyfriend


A man identifed with the Twitter handle @Baron889 has narrated how he packed out of his home after discovering that his wife was in love with her high school friend.

The distressed man noted that he moved out and rented an apartment outside where his four children pay him visits occasionally.

Lamenting how he had wasted 30 years of his life with a ‘devil and frenemie’, the man stated that his wife confessed that she has been with the guy she’s cheating with since her secondary school days.

Positing that marriage is a fraud, Baron wrote: “I have the same experience, am going through a lot right now after 30 years of marriage nd four kids, found out the woman I loved nd still love was madly in love with another man. 

“I left home for her nd rented a room for myself now, my kids still come to see me everyday at my Office for their upkeep money. Am two years out frm my home she has married the same man I caught her with, she claimed she has been with the guy since secondary days till now. Means I just wasted 30 years of my life with a devil nd Frenemie. Marriage is a fraud.

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