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Man rewards wife for marrying him when he didn’t have N10k to his name


Twitter user has revealed how he rewarded his wife for marrying him when he didn’t have a dime to his name.

The man, identified with the Twitter user name, @iamthatgeorge, revealed that his wife, years ago said yes to his proposal despite knowing he had nothing much in the way of money but she still believed in him.

Years later, rewarding her trust and loyalty, the man has decided to send his wife to Kenya on a vacation without her kids; just her alone so she can rest as much as she’d like to.

He wrote:

“When I proposed to my wife 3 years ago I had less than 10k to my name. She believed in me and said yes.


Today I sent her on vacation to Kenya without our son and me, Make she go relax and have good sleep. Next one we going together, amen! I love you so much @Titiloperealtor”


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