Man seeks advice over fiancee who does not cook nor clean but watches TV all day and receives N100K monthly

Man seeks advice over fiancee who does not cook nor clean but watches TV all day and receives N100K monthly

Embattled young man seeks advice over his relationshipwith a lady who does nothing at home but watches movies all day.

According to the narration of a young man who sought helo through a relationship adviser, his fiancee whom he plans to get married to in some months is pregnant with his child.

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Unfortunately, the relationship causes the man a sour heart as a result of the lady’s inability to take care of the home despite receiving N100K monthly as a stay home woman.

Read the full narration below …

“Good evening, I wanna be kept anonymous. PIs if u are reading this I need your help cos the time now is 9 55pm Nigeria time. I am engaged to a lady I met here on Twitter after two months relationship.

Now we have been together for 9 months. And we both know our various family. We set our wedding to be September after I had already done my introduction. But I am regretting every steps I took to getting this far. I own a company .

I close 6 get home 7 30. I and my finance live together. Her dirty and unapologetic manner is killing me from inside out and each time I confront her with my angry state she accuses me of transgressions from my day, which isn’t through.

She’s 2 months pregnant gone. I could have forgiven her for all these if maybe it wasn’t like that before we got this far. The only reason I am bringing this here is because I have no friends and I can’t tell my family. Honestly I love her so so so much and I swear it.

I take care of her. I pay her 100k monthly. This doesn’t have to do with that fact that she doesn’t work. She’s home when I leave the house in the morning. She doesn’t make my food before I leave I don’t meet dinner when I come home.

She has never been to the market not for ones is either I go alone come back and cook or she goes with me. She makes only indomie and egg sauce and yam. I cook the stew all soups rice. I come back home meets her pant in my bathroom unwashed when I nag about it she tags it a bad day.

I come back her eyes is glued on TV. The next minute I drop my car keys wash my hands and cook the food for two. If I try to complain she says I am being too bossy.

God I don’t wanna have child and not watch him or her grow more reason i am letting herlItay and not calling the marriage off. Yesterday I made jellof rice and chicken and got back to see it spoil she threw it away without washing the pots, today I made beans as at 6am.

Now I am back home to meet it bad again. I am fuming as I write this but I haven’t reacted yet. And she hasn’t apologized but she’s glued on Netflix TV. I wash her clothes and mine every Sunday, the toilet we both use I wash it.

She does not clean the house unless I have to call from work and say babe pls clean the house is dirty. I can’t say alot but I am confused because all these were happening before she took in.

I don’t wanna call the marriage off, we have spoken about this many times, I have used low hard and harsh tune yet no solution. Considering the kind of sisters and how neat they all are and my kind of mother. Am worried that I making a big mistake.

I wanted my kid sis to come she refused saying until she’s ready to accommodate her. I needed her to watch my sister do things her way and she’s her properly she was trained. I am so bothered. I never for ones hit her and would never. Help a confused brother. I hope she does read this…”


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