Maria Wattel Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Net worth

Maria Wattel Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Net worth

Maria Wattel is the tallest woman bodybuilder according to Guinness world records. She is 5ft. 11.92 inches.

Maria Wattel is 42 years old as of 2022. She is from the Netherlands. Maria resides between her home country and Greece. She was 19 when she discovered her passion for bodybuilding.

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Maria of the Netherlands is the tallest professional female bodybuilder in the world, standing at 5’11”.

Wattel, a professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, model, and athlete, is 41 years old.

Maria was raised in Greece, but she was born in the Netherlands. After growing up playing football with the guys, she discovered her love for bodybuilding at the age of 19 and competed in her first event in March 2005.

She believed that by working out and getting healthy, she might accomplish something extraordinary—become invincible.

But the competitive world proved to be difficult. Maria recalls that she was frequently labeled as “too tall” because of her height. The jury occasionally struggled with how to rank her in relation to the other female competitors.

Maria adheres to a strict diet and exercise regimen because she is proud of her strength and physique. She works out with weights in the gym five days a week and does cardio five days a week for 30 to 60 minutes.

The former medalist at the World Championship works out for three hours each day and follows a strict diet when she’s competing.

She doesn’t allow her work get in the way of spending time with her loved ones, however, and likes to “balance femininity and muscles.”

She claims that she treats them with the same “respect and understanding” that she does in her sport, and she thinks that this sends a crucial message to all businesses.

Maria isn’t dating anyone at the moment. She is completely focused on her career and is growing day by day.

Maria is on Instagram as @maria_wattel_ifbbpro with 53.1k followers. She is on Twitter as well as @MariaWattel.

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