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Police allegedly brutalize man after his bank in Lagos questioned the source of his deposit


A video showing the moment officers of the Nigeria Police Force allegedly brutalized a young man just after he had an altercation with his bank officials is making the rounds on social media.

According to the victim’s brother (@I_am_Jamotech) who cried out for help on Twitter, his brother had only went to his bank to know the reason why his account was locked after a deposit, only for the bank to call the police after him.

Calling for help on the micro-blogging platform, the young man wrote: “Everybody help me to retweet and tag appropriate people that can help look into this case!! Those people has injured my brother. They press a teargas on his face. now they’re taking him to the police custody. Please everybody help!!!! God why’s this happening when I’m not around.

“So my brother went to @kudabankhelp office today at yaba to know the reason why his account was locked and yet not to be opened after dropping his proof to them that it’s a legit money and not fraud money at all. So funny how when he got there this morning.

“They sent their mopol to arrest him and started harassing him for no reason. So every young guy money has to be fraud money?? Do they who our father is?? He called me on the phone and I was listening background while they’re harassing him trying to detain him. Please twitter help us do your thin.

“By making it going viral. @kudabankhelp have to pay for this fr. Please help retweet! Thanks for taking your time to read through this thread.”

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An old tweet containing his message to the bank regarding his brother’s account read: “Hello @kudabankhelp my lil brother transferred his own money N577,491 from his Moniepoint POS to his own Kuda account on Apr13 2021 but you guys choose to be unfortunate to lock up his account for someone that has sent a huge amount of over 10m at once without you guys locking it.”

Watch Video Below….


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