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Rema Is Now Bigger & Better Than Davido & Wizkid’ – Nigerians React To Rema’s ‘Afrorave’ Genre

Young Nigerian musician, Divine Ikubor is known as launched his own genre, AFRORAVE not long ago.

This has garnered some reactions from Nigerians and many people are of the view that people rubbished ’s style of music have buried their heads in shame.

Announcing the AFRORAVE genre, wrote;

“My sound y’all called Indian, doing it now.

From this day my sound will be called “Afrorave” a sub-genre of Afrobeat, my seals this claim for good.”

Read some reactions below;

@Abbye_ak – I can remember how Nigerians

mocked and trolled when Dumebi dropped .

So many blogs carried it

Comedians used it as a bait. Non Nigerians and Africans believed and supported him. That was what kept him going!

Today, that Indian Sound is now Global

Afrorave to the !!!


@JoeyAkan – I know has not forgiven Nigerians for not properly classifying his sound, and denigrating it with the ‘Indian’ talk.

But he has to understand that he brought something new into the space, and we can only approximate it to what we can understand.

Forgive us all, Commando.


@TimUgah – Y’all trashed REMA and called him the only artist that sings like an Indian now he’s accepted it and branded it to he’s own genre and y’all are pissed? Lmao ǹ;😂😂 so suddenly REMA isn’t the only artist has that sound this is pathetic and pure hatred


@MrSosabillz – Am a fan but rema is currently bigger and better than .


@thisjerryy – Rema is currently bigger and better than I’m sorry fc i can no longer hide the truth


@Edesiri__ – Bro stop deceiving yourself. What doing is still Afro fusion. Just because sound a bit different doesn’t mean ’ve created a new genre


@IyMayor – Boy remmy don’t listen to what all those haters are saying

Musically u are doing well

Pay less attention to haters and more to we that feel u…..

The bigger u get d more dey get

Even as big reach people still criticize him but he still wins

Just Give us vibes

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