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Secret behind this linkage of NIN to Avoid becoming an innocent prisoner

I’m writing this article to educate our people have successfully linked their sim cards with National Identification (NIN) Number because most of them don’t know the essence of these linkages.

Meanwhile, there are some secrets behind this linkage program mandated by the government under the ministry of communication and digital life, which has to do with the security control of this great country.

The majority of the people have and those have not done their linkage don’t know that after linking of NIN with their SIM card involvement in any criminal activity or carelessness may turn them into prisoners untimely.

Therefore, If have successfully linked your NIN with a sim card must take note of the fact that are naked before the security agents, hence must protect your sim card, even more than the way are protecting your and ATM pin.

Note that if anything happens to your and ATM pin, your may only be affected, but if anything happens to your phones and sim cards, may end in prison innocently.

So if have successfully linked your sim card with NIN, please don’t do these 5 things am going to explain below to avoid becoming an innocent prisoner.

1. are advised to stop helping people to register their sim cards. This may lead to become a prisoner innocently.

2. are also advised to be mindful of how will be giving people your phone to make calls or send texts or placed to anywhere recklessly. It must always be with because it is a mobile phone and it is meant for only.

3. Stop allowing anybody to use your phone to login into an account on social media. Or use your phone to create anything. Because we are in a fraudulent generation.

4. Note that your “Sim card”, is as important as your, ATM card, pin, and number. You must not disclose any OTP sent to you by your service provider to anyone, even your family.

5. This is the master of what we have been discussing from above, don’t disclose your National identity card or number to anyone.

Note that you will be responsible for whatever wrong someone did with your sim card, so be conscious.

Kindly share this information on social media platforms for the benefit of others.

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