See what a Nigerian Actress wore and caused a lot of reactions on social media

Bum shorts are worn by women, and it is often regarded as a very sensitive type of dressing.

Many believe that not wearing bum short nowadays is a sign that you are outdated and old fashioned.

Bum shorts are usually small in size and are extremely short, which often exposes the physique of the people who wear them.

According to viral contents, a true bum short must expose the legs and part of the lap or thighs.

In this article, we will be revealing to you and also talk about the bum shorts worn by our own Nollywood actress.

Actress Chizzy wore her bum short in the photos she shared, and fans have noticed something very interesting.

Actress Chizzy took to her social media page to flaunt her bum short, and I am telling you that very few actress have the laps we are seeing in the pictures below.

Actress Chizzy’ s lap and thigh as depicted in the pictures below is spotless and very enticing.

Having a clear lap and thigh like actress Chizzy Alichi is very rare. Some of our ladies have spots, marks in this part of the body, but actress Chizzy’ s bum shots showcased what we would always want to see.

She shared these photos recently and this has gathered a whole lot of comments in barely 24 hours as many reacted to the pictures.

The actress loves to stun in different nice outfits, but today, she slays in a bum short. Check out below.
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Actress Chizzy Alichi is an actress who could also be regarded as a fashion model. She has a decent sense of dressing that has always wowed fans.

Nigerians have reacted calling and appreciating the actress for having such a nice thigh. Indeed, not many can boast of this.

What’ s your opinion? What do you think of the actress’ s bum short and what we just noticed? Feel free to share with us below

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