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Something Surprising Was Seen on The Alter of Winners Chapel Yesterday, Checkout What it Was

The Living Faith Church aka , held their Thanksgiving for the month of March, and the service also was their Covenant Day of Divine protection, but something interesting was spotted on the altar of the church while the service was going on.

If have been following the news of the church lately, would recall that there have been several articles written about a project the church embarked on to build a 100, 000 seated auditorium named the ark, just at a stone throw to their current church building the Faith Tabernacle. Interestingly on Sunday the 28th of March 2021, after the ground breaking for the ark, a live model was crafted and placed on the altar of the church at a strategic point that caught worshipers’ attention. The prophet went ahead to continue the service on the topic of faith and how faith can be utilized to secure divine protection, before he listed several factors that guarantees divine protection such as Salvation, Obedience to instructions from God, Servitude to God, Financial offerings and tithes, Faith in God as well as the Utilization of the instrument of praise.

It is assumed that the model has been erected on the altar, to continuously remind the prophet of the ongoing project and members alike, so that prayers would not cease to flow as the church waits for the completion of the project at hand. It would be an enormous site and a marvelous glory in the kingdom of God, when the ark is finally completed even in this era of financial hardship and recession in the nations of the . As a closing note, it is important to note that it is the duty of the church to build churches and no criticism on the nature of this building or project would be tolerated.

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