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Sunday Igboho in Hot Soup!!! , See What Buhari Will Do To Him Next

With due respect, President Muhammadu is a very vindictive leader. He has a long memory and he never forgives. For example, after the EndSARS protests, he started going after the different arrowheads who are either in courts, prisons or in exile. The same treatment awaits Sunday and this is gradually unfolding.

has been silent about the existence and activities of but that should never be mistaken for cowardice. is a man of a few words and he believes actions speak louder than noise.

The bank accounts of have been reportedly frozen. The excuse might be that had been receiving suspected slush funds to undermine the internal security of . The fact that a GoFundMe account was opened for the cause and over N15 million was rapidly raised, gives the government the perfect excuse to freeze & A man’s finances are his fuel that propels his day to day activities. Once it seizes, it is like a beautiful and expensive car without fuel, it can go nowhere. has frozen those bank accounts to slow down and also frustrate him.

This move appears to be working and will not stop there. This is just the beginning of the gameplan to finally put using the lacuna of the law. A trap is set and is walking into it already. He has threatened to organise mass protests across the South-west if the fails to unfreeze his bank accounts. This is what Buhari expects to happen and the end result will be to arrest him and put him up for trial. With the losses suffered during the EndSARS wave of protests and the insecurity challenges occasioned by the Boko Haram sect and the links, the government is ready to brutally shut down any act of insurrection in . If goes ahead with the massive protests, Buhari will be handed a good excuse to arrest him. There will be trumped-up charges against him in order to make the case weighty. The government will dig into his past as well as how he became stupendously rich with limited education and no tangible business dealing. His reputation will be ruined in the media like that of the former NSA Sambo Dasuki. By the time the government is done with a campaign of calumny against , the shreds of credibility in him will vanish.

At the end of the day, the Yoruba leaders might be forced to peacefully negotiate his release from prison via political means. This is just like the scenario of Nnamdi Kanu.

The bottom line is that Buhari is far stronger than as long as he remains the President. Nobody is strong enough to beat the government. I know this will annoy a lot of people from the Southwest, but the truth is bitter

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