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Unbelievable!!! Look at the reason why a man cut part of his gentiles

A man has cut off parts of his genitals in to curb his insatiable appetite for female flesh, The Nationlearnt.

Terhemen Anongo, popularly calledDoc K or Bob Korna, said it was best to cast off what caused him to sin rather than end in hell, as the bible enjoins.

A resident of Gboko, the Tiv heartland, Anongo said it was increasingly difficult to resist immorality in a society of pervasive nudity.

So he elected to emulate a certain ascetic monk paid medics to surgically remove his genitals in order to better on his spiritual duties.

Anongo pulled out of University of Ibadan medical in his final year in 2007 owing to psychiatric reasons and has been living alone in his father’s house, having chased out all other relatives he accused of being behind his plight.

Gboko residents, however, see him as highly articulate, intelligent and well-behaved. Being jobless, Anongo transports traders’ articles in a wheelbarrow to make ends meet. He reads the bible and newspapers religiously.

After work, though, he dresses like a Taliban to attract attention and preaches, it was said .But to put his sexual drive in check Anongo sought genital surgery from several professionals, all turning him .

Being something of a medic himself, he took matters into his own hands, acquired the required tools and medications and proceeded to perform the surgery.

He snipped off the right testicle after dabbing the relevant parts with some local anaesthetics, and was determined to remove the left one as well when he was prevailed upon to stop due to excessive bleeding.

He walked to a medical facility where he was treated and discharged after a few days on their bed. Asked whether he would remove the remaining testicle after recuperating, Doc K said, “No, I won’t try it again.”

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