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Yorubas Finally Defeat Fulani Warlord, Iskilu Wakili With ‘Spiritual Bees’

Rumours emerging from the Igangan area in State, indicate that Iskilu Wakili, a herdsman and warlord has been chased out of town.

Iskilu Wakili who was alleged to have challenged Sunday to a battle alongside his men used to be based in Ayete before the incident. Some powerful spiritualists in the community allegedly congregated and invoked some ‘spiritual bees’ against Wakili.

The bees in their thousands invaded his camp and he was forced to flee with his soldiers. A narrator who told the story in the Yoruba language said the town was thrown into celebration following the exit of Wakili.

The news has been making the rounds on social media but there is no concrete confirmation yet. Wakili is alleged to have guns, spiritual powers and an army of fighters.

The animosity between the Yorubas and the northerners has continued to increase with leaders trying to sue for peace.

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