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DOWNLOAD: Alchemy of Souls Season 2 (Episode 9)


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In the country of Daeho, Jang Uk (Lee Jae-Wook) comes from the noble Jang family. He holds an unpleasant secret about his birth, which people all around the country talk about. He is troublemaker.

Jang Ukk happens to meet Mu-Deok (Jung So-Min). She is an elite warrior, but her soul is trapped in a physically weak body. She becomes Jang Wook’s servant, but she also secretly teaches him how to fight.

“Alchemy of Souls Season 1“, which was released this summer, won viewers’ hearts with its spell-binding magic and sorcery, side-splitting comedy, likable characters, subtle romance, and compelling plot. With the first season ending with a cliffhanger, fans are painstakingly enduring the release of the second part.

And while we await the most anticipated series of the month, “The Swoon” (a channel belonging to Netflix on YouTube for Korean and Asian dramas) recently released the trailer of “Alchemy Of Souls Part 2” ahead of the K-drama’s premiere on 10 December.


The trailer begins with Jang Uk (Lee Jae Wook) saying that the power of the ice stone is too much for him to handle. This hints that he probably came back from the dead because of the ice stone, and the only way for him to survive is to keep the stone with him.

The trailer also portrays Go Yoon Jung playing the role of the woman who has the face of Nak Soo. She seems to have lost her memories. But destiny brings her and Jang Uk together. The trailer closes with Jang Uk asking the woman if she really sees the ice stone inside him.

The plot of “Alchemy Of Souls Part 2” is set three years later. The memories of the tragedy encountered by the characters at the end of season 1 are still fresh in everyone’s minds, and the people of Daeho have not yet recovered from their emotional wounds. The trailer and teasers of season 2 show how every character comes from his/her stance to face what comes ahead.

You can watch the full trailer released by Netflix here. Apart from Netflix, the South Korean television network tvN has also released a teaser. Check it out here.

Alchemy of Souls Movie Details
FILE NAME: Alchemy of Souls
PRODUCER: Jang Jeong-do, Lee Yong-ok, Lee Soo-beom
DIRECTED: Park Joon-hwa
Jung So-min as Mu-deok
Lee Jae-wook as Jang Uk
Hwang Min-hyun as Seo Yul
Go Yoon-jung as Nak-su & Other.
RELEASED DATE: June 18, 2022 – present


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