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“I’m happy to be back” – Shan George says as she gets set to appear on-screen after 10 years


Veteran Nollywood actress, Shan George is fully back on-screen after taking break from the movie industry for 10 years.

In an Instagram live interview where she made the announcement, the thespian noted that she was off to care for her late mother who was ill for 10 years.

Noting that her late mother’s ailment took her off the big screens, Shan George said: “I took all that time off because I had to go take care of my mother, my mother was sick and old, and being that I am her only child I didn’t have anybody I could leave her for so I just had to be there to take care of her by myself which took me 10 years, and then she passed on recently. We just finish doing the burial and I am just back to work as if I never left really, it didn’t affect me much.

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Describing how the acceptance has been since she returned, she said: “A lot of people were so happy to see me, let us say yes it affected me positively because I made so many friends.

“The good things that have been happening have made me not bother about the downside which is probably the fact that now they don’t pay me what they used to pay me before I went on break, the money came down a bit but everybody is so happy to see me and I am overwhelmed. I want to say a big thank you to everybody in the Nollywood industry based in Asaba and those that are coming to Asaba, basically, I have been in Asaba and I have done a couple of very good jobs. I want to use this opportunity to thank the producers and directors.”


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