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Lady embarrassed by fiance mother’s deformity seeks advice on how to keep her away from their home


Engaged lady cries out for advice on how to keep her fiance’s mother away from their home over her deformity which she finds embarrassing.

In a chat with a relationship adviser, a young lady emphasized how nice her future mother-in-law is and how she recently lost her husband which led to the idea of moving in with them for a while.

Despite the accolades about the woman’s niceness, the lady in question battles with the idea of seeing her in their home.

Read the full narration below …

“How do I convince my hubby not to allow his mum live with us

Let me get straight to the point. I am engaged to a great guy to be married by May but I have a problem. His mummy’s leg is kind of deformed. One big one small. The woman is nice but I am always embarrassed at it.

The thing is her husband died recently and my fiance is saying that he wants her to be living with us after marriage. I don’t have a problem with her living with us because she’s so kind and a great help.


She doesn’t buy the idea as well which is making me happy but my husband to be has managed to convince her and I am thinking, won’t it be embarrassing to have her around?

I have friends who are really lousy. I don’t want anyone saying something that will hurt her about her deformity. How can I convince my husband. Pls keep me anonymous. Thank you.”

  Lady embarrassed by fiance mother's deformity seeks advice on how to keep her away from their home


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