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Lady seeks advice on how to end engagement with fiancé as she meets new man who means the world to her


Young lady in dilemma seeks advice on how to terminate her engagement to her fiance after finding a new man that means the world to her.

In a chat with a relationship adviser, the embattled lady narrates how everything about her fiance makes her infuriated.

Adding to her point, she met a medical practitioner who is the definition of her dream come true, and everything she wanted in a partner.

Read the full narration below …

“Please keep me anonymous. I am a girl of 27 from d eastern part of Nigeria. Am quite good-looking though a plus size.

I got engaged to a guy who hails from my town about 7months ago, i thought I liked him enough to settle down with him but right now I resent everything about him.

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Once he calls me, I get upset….i don’t even look forward to hearing from him. I regret this decision of mine. I feel like giving him back his ring. I met this amazing guy who is a Dr. at your dating site.

I joined early this year, after my bestie told me things about the page. This medical doctor has been Everything I ever wanted in a man. we always spend time together though I have never told him about d engagement,i only told him he is my ex because I feel like telling him d truth will make me lose him,this is because he keeps me quite happy and supports my every step.

Now, my supposed fiancé will be back in d country by April ending and I do not know what to do with this new guy. I know I have been selfish but I still do not want to lose my new guy as he has been a source of strength and Inspiration.

I have tried to break up with my supposed fiance since we have not even started marriage processes but my friends are telling me to look well before I make any decision.

They love my doctor friend too. They even call me lucky. It just looks like I was jazzed because I can’t still believe I accepted the said guy…. PIs I need help. Post this and let me hear other people’s advice..” Lady seeks advice on how to end engagement with fiancé as she finds new man who means the world to her


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