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“Life without my mom has been hell” – Bobrisky breaks down emotionally



Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky Okuneye, expresses utmost heartbreak as he recounts the missing piece in his life, his mother. bobrisky

The lifestyle took to his Snapchat social media page to remember his mother who passed on 13 years ago.

According to Bobrisky, life has not been the same for him ever since; despite all that he has achieved, his mother’s absence brings sudden pain to his heart.

“Sometimes I still call my mum phone number maybe she will pick 08023359484 you can help me try, she might pick. Is 13 years this no has been sitch off. If your mumis till alive pls don’t joke with her, mother love is priceless nothing can buy it.

I’m so rich now and comfortable but I still cry like someone who is suffering for love. Incase ur mom can be my mom too pls borrow me o. I promise to spoil her. Before you open your mouth to judge me pls ask yourself question before you judge,” He wrote.

Speaking on how he has been coping, Bobrisky wrote, “Have gone through hell in life just to make my family happy. Life without my mum was hell, I mean real hell. The day I will share my story with you guys trust me, u will hug me. Honestly, I miss my mom… I’m crying again lol, cry cry baby.”

"Life without my mom has been hell" - Bobrisky breaks down emotionally


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