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LIVE STREAM: Liverpool Vs Everton Live Stream


How is Everton arriving ?

Everton have scored in their last two games, drawing at home against Leicester City and beating Manchester United. However, out of their last seven games they have only won in two. Right now they are not fighting for the objective they would like, since their only objective is to save the category. Right now they are seventeenth in the Premier League with 29 points, only one point ahead of the relegation zone;

How does Liverpool arrive ?

Liverpool arrives after beating Manchester United 4-0 at Anfield and after to qualify for the final of the FA CUP to Manchester City. In addition, they are in the Champions League semifinals where they will face Villarreal. They have been unbeaten in 13 consecutive matches in the English League, their last defeat was in December 2021 by 1-0 against Leicester City and are second in the Premier League with 75 points and only one behind Manchester City.



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