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Man laments after going shopping for his family only to return home empty handed


A disgruntled man has taken to social media to lament after he went shopping to get some stuffs for his family only for hooligans to waylay him and take everything. Recounting how it happened, the man revealed that he had just returned from work and had gone out to get his baby’s milk.

He decided to take his car, rather than public transportation.

After he had gone to the supermarket, on his way home he was waylaid by the robbers who took everything from him.

He wrote:



I came back from work this evening and rushed to Roban Stores Nnewi to buy Aptamil; a brand of infant milk for my baby. I had folded my legs all day in public transport so I decided to drive my bike to Roban Stores, to at least feel the fresh evening air and also avoid evening gridlock that usually held cars.

I got to Roban Stores and decided to buy few things for the family.

Long story cut short, on my way home two armed boys blocked me and took away all I bought. I am kinda grateful that they didn’t remember to talk about my phone. I spend money finish, na only payment invoice follow me go house. This is bad.

What will they now do with my baby’s milk? What will my baby eat this night?

Where are we headed with this madness?”



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