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Man reportedly stands throughout six hour flight for his wife to sleep


Mixed reactions have trailed an uncommon gesture by a Caucasian man who reportedly stood up for 6 hours in an airplane so his wife could sleep.

It was gathered that the kindhearted man wanted his wife to sleep comfortably on the adjoined seat meant for both of them.

Reacting, netizens were left wondering how loving the white-skinned man is, with further reports saying the flight lasted for six hours and he stood throughout the entire trip while watching his wife sleep.

@ThabisoMogne who shared the story captioned: ”This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love or maybe not?”

Reactions Trail

@Pat Dukeg: “This is loving of him. It’s hard to find this kind of men.”


@Jennifer Oyenwez: “I would never allow my husband stand on a plane so that I can sleep, can’t you have placed your head on his shoulder. Some women are just not it, she’s heartless. If you truly love someone you will never allow them suffer like this.”

@Anayo: “Which kind love be this one,how can a woman slept for 6hrs knowing full well that your husband gave up his seat for her,to sleep

“The woman doesn’t have remorse heart only her taken up 2 seats,why can’t she kept her head on the man’s laps and manage to sleep, this is not good deed from the man it’s a emotional touture and emotional blackmail from the woman.”

@Job Onu: “Only a Senseless woman would subject her husband to this kinda torture. Even if he offered, you should be considerate enough to say no.”

Whatever makes them happy sha!



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