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Man who stole his cousin’s UK visa days before his trip confesses 20 years later


A young Nigerian lady identifed with the Twitter handle @Lady_Itohan has shared a story of how her uncle’s dream was shattered owing to a relative’s misdeed.

Narrating how her uncle’s UK visa mysteriously disappeared a few days to his scheduled travel to the United Kingdom to further his education, @lady_Itohan revealed that her uncle’s cousin made a heartbreaking confession 20 years later.

According to her, the man’s cousin confessed that he was the one who stole the visa out of jealousy.

Itohan shared the story in reaction to another man’s tweet narrating how he preciously guarded his visa after getting it.

In her words; ”His paranoia might seem hilarious but my uncle’s visa varnished some days before he was to travel to UK for school and that was the end of his dream! The thief, his cousin, who was jealous at that time, confessed 20 years later!!! #TrueStory”

As reactions trail the story, @Atta Boy on Facebook wrote: “Village people at work. This is the fundamental reason why blacks hardly become successful in life. The hate that comes when one of them is progressing is alarming.”

@Lagemah wrote: “May God expose every secret pretenders in our is hard for an outsider to penetrate and cause harm to someone without a link from the insider in a home …his cousin will not even suspect his own cousin,his mind won’t even go there at all and maybe the cousin who took it,even joined him in searching.”



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