Married woman reveals what she found out after secretly visiting her husband’s village

Married woman reveals what she found out after secretly visiting her husband’s village

A lady has narrated how she found out that her husband was married to another woman whom he left in the village.

According to the heartbroken lady, her husband had always prevented her from visiting his village, but she summoned courage to visit his village secretly.

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During the visit, she found out that her husband already has another wife whom he kept in the village.

She narrated,

“I have been married to my husband for 6 years now and our marriage is blessed with a beautiful girl. We look like a perfect couple or so I thought until I visited his village.

When I met my husband before we got married, he was job hunting but with my connections, he was offered a well paid job with an official car and apartment. We didn’t date for long before we got married.

I never knew my husband could keep any secret away from me, he was a perfect gentleman any lady could fall for him. He was loving, caring and God fearing, he was just everything I needed in a man but never liked it when I talk about visiting his village. He even threatened to leave the marriage if the issue of going to his village was ever mentioned again.

Although he told me that his parents were dead and that he doesn’t have any other relation living, I always have this feeling that something is fishy somewhere.

In order to confirm my suspicions, I secretly visited his village without informing him. It was difficult locating his compound as many villagers claimed they have not heard about his name. Then luck shined on me when a haggard looking lady recognized his face from the pictures I showed around, she claimed to be related to my husband and took me to their house.

When we got to the house, two teenage boys came out to welcome us but I was shocked at the way they looked like my husband. My curiosity was heightened, so I started asking questions and the responses I got made my legs to become stiff. To say I was shocked is an understatement, the lady told me that the man I call my husband is married to her and that the kids are the product of their marriage.

She also told me that he calls and sends money to them periodically. Somehow I still doubted her but all the doubts cleared out when my husband called her in my presence and I recognized his voice. I quickly left the village for Lagos where we reside. He kept his other wife and kids a secret from me for so many years.”


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