Rising singer, Young Duu buys Mercedes Benz

Young Duu buys Benz

Young Duu, a rising Afrobeats singer, recently joined the ranks of Mercedes Benz owners, only a few weeks after departing from Portable’s Zeh Nation.

A video making the rounds online shows him enjoying the comfortable feel of being in the driverā€™s seat of such an expensive ride.

Young Duu Mercedes Benz

Young Duu was spotted with some friends, and the Benz seat and other interior components were still covered in nylon.

The purchase of the whip comes amid controversy involving his former label boss, Portable, who claims the ex-signee in possession of the document of the official car given to him when he got signed.

Watch video below:

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Congratulations On social media, @olawale_IBCITY, a user named Young Duu, posted: “Wow, I am happy for him.” Carry-around phone charger for Don Dey.

@Gabriel6ixmiles: Tomorrow, I am heading to Carter Elementary School.

@instinctofawolf: He his not the owner of the car and itā€™s actually very painful cause when they are done with him no one will care about him again at Topcityvibe

@StylesByMorh: Did portable did something wrong to this guy? Why is he behaving this way? More like heā€™s trying to pepper him. Everyone knows what they are doing and they will be fine.

In the meantime, in other news

CorrectNG recollects that Young Duu asserted that the contentious musician Portable dispatched his devoted goons to attack him.

During an Instagram Live session, he made a plea to the public to caution his former employer, Portable, to leave him alone and not to hurt him any more.

The singer claimed he just wants to go about his business unhindered and that he is not a troublemaker who rants on social media in any case.

“You guys should warn Portable to leave me alone. He sent his boys to beat me up,” Young Duu uttered. You know I donā€™t come here [social media] to rant senselessly. Calling for a portable should be done. I donā€™t want any problem. I donā€™t make trouble.ā€

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