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Tiantian Kullander Biography, Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Early Life, Weight, Height

Tiantian Kullander Biography, Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Early Life, Weight, Height

After passing away unexpectedly at the age of 30, the co-founder of a cryptocurrency company, Tiantian Kullander was remembered as a “great partner and true friend.”

Tiantian Kullander died on November 23, 2022, unexpectedly in his sleep, according to a statement released by the Hong Kong-based digital asset company Amber Group. He began his career as a market trader for the financial institution’s Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

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In 2017, Mr. Kullander co-founded Amber Group, a start-up trading platform for digital assets that was earlier this year estimated at $US3 billion ($4.5 billion).

As a result, he was named to Forbes’ prestigious 2019 30-under-30 list for Asia Finance and Venture Capital.

Tiantian Kullander reportedly passed away while he was asleep. The exact cause behind his death is yet to be disclosed.

In addition to Thomas Zhu, a Bloomberg LP developer, Amber Group was founded in 2015 as a side business by four traders: Kullander, Michael Wu, Wayne Huo, and Tony He.

Tiantian Kullander, a co-founder of the digital asset trading platform Amber Group, passed suddenly on November 23, the firm reported. The statement on Friday revealed that the 30-year-old died suddenly while he was sleeping. A statement from the corporation claims that Kullander died unexpectedly while he was sleeping. He helped found the business in 2017. The statement of the company.

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The business claimed that Kullander played a significant role in its founding. His former coworkers from Morgan Stanley and other financial services firms joined him in founding the business. Kullander set an exemplary standard for leadership through his intelligence, generosity, humility, hard work, and creativity, the company said in a statement. Kullander founded KeeperDAO, the first on-chain liquidity underwriter, in addition to his affiliation with Amber Group.

One of the founding members of KeeperDAO and Amber Group is Tiantian Kullander. He was in charge of Amber’s business expansion. Prior to founding Amber Group in 2017, Kullander was an emerging markets trader at the prestigious financial institution Morgan Stanley. He spent less than a year in his early career working in the structured credit trading team at Goldman Sachs. Tiantian Kullander was 30 years old. He was married and had a son with his wife. Tiantian Kullander was a graduate of Durham University. He was based in Hong Kong.


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