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“You no wipe am cord for neck?” – Outrage as UK-based Nigerian lady reveals what a white man told her on a train


lady has taken to social media to reveal the deplorable remark a white man made to her while on a train.

According to the lady identified as Kingeniola, she had been sitting on a train when she decided to move for elderly white couple to seat down. Which of course is the most respectful and polite thing to do.

After she had moved to another seat, a white guy had approached her to praise her for her charitable behavior towards the white elderly couple.

The white guy stated to her that what she had done was a very sweet thing to do and that he’s glad they’re not slaavveee anymore.

In her words, she wrote:

“Moved seats on the train so an elderly white couple could sit together and another white guy came to tell me that was so sweet, so glad you’re not a slaaavvee anymore. Eternal rock of ages.” The obvious insult had sparked outrage among netizens who were none too pleased as they deplored the white guy’s remark.

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